bsw_pv_bundeskanzleramt120.jpgHermann Scheer Promotes Real Opportunities and Economic Benefits of Renewable Energies

On 8 May 2009 he spoke to on a visit to Washington DC about renewable energy as a solution to the global economic crisis, and about his vision for IRENA, the newly founded International Renewable Energy Agency You’ve just been awarded the 2009 Karl Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit by the University of Delaware. In your acceptance speech you said "our world is at a turning point." What did you mean by that?

Hermann Scheer: We are faced with three world crises. Today all speak about the financial crisis. This is a global economic crisis, no doubt. And at the same time we have the climate crisis. And at the same time we have the resources crisis. And it will become impossible to overcome these crises with separate measures....

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