1997 Doctor honoris causa, bestowed by the Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria 
1998 Solar World Prizes, awarded by the 2nd World Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion Conference, Vienna
1999 Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award), Stockholm
2000 World Prize on Bioenergy, awarded by the 1st World Biomass Conference, Sevilla
2002 Hero for the Green Century, TIME Magazine
2004 Global Renewable Energy Leadership Award awarded by the American Council for Renewable Energies (ACORE), New York
  World Wind Energy Award, awarded by the World Wind Energy Conference, Beijing
2005 SolarWorld Einstein Award, Bonn
2007 Doctor honoris causa, bestowed by University Lüneburg, Germany
2008 Professor honoris causa, bestowed by Tongji University Shanghai, China
2009 Karl Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit awarded by the University of Delaware, USA
  Further Awards...